With over 15 years of performing and experience in the music industry, J Swink knows how to please an audience like no other. Holding residencies all over the USA’s East Coast, he has an inimitable talent at controlling crowds and encapsulating his listeners everywhere he plays.

Building his repertoire of incredible original productions and remixes, he has caught the ear of the reputable San Francisco based label Fierce Animals Recordings, and has lined up a string of releases with them. The first of which is his two track EP ‘Autonomic’, due to be released on the 30th April.
Starting with ‘Autonomic’, growling bass drones greet us to start the journey in to the depths of Techno courtesy of J Swink. Percussion becomes more and more prominent, capturing the listener in an almost hypnotic cycle. Culminating in the darkest, most nefarious of Techno infused drops, this track has everything needed to destroy clubs all over the world. ‘Malfunction’ immediately hits its audience with more groove than its flip side, with tasty drum patterns and emphatic sliding bass lines whetting your appetite for the track. Addictive synthesis takes the lead throughout, dropping in and out to keep the listener on their toes, with the consistent bass line continuing to spin around in your head long after you’ve stopped playing the track.

Two incredible tracks from one highly sought after producer, ‘Autonomic’ is the perfect start to J Swink’s collaboration with Fierce Animals, and is sure to be found at raves all over the world in the coming months.

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