Collaborations are best when artists with different influences and sounds come together and create something unique. MikeWave, Matt Lucker and Max Landry have huddled together and created an instant classic, full of inimitable style and beauty that has something for everyone.

All three artists bring something special to the mix, and the genre-transcending track is the result of hard work and innovation. The artists have individually received acclaim from industry heavyweights all over the globe, and this tune is likely to go down just as positively. Evocative vocals with gorgeous processing sit alongside synths and melody laden piano to tug on the heartstrings, before a raucous drop, which is capable of destroying any dance anywhere in the world. Powerful bass is paired with heavy hitting drums to top of the track and showcase why these guys are ones to watch this year. Big Room, Trance and EDM elements are all at play, but there is something wholly unique about this track and it perfectly executes a balance between all of the genres to create something new.

Released on the 26th February it is forthcoming on MikeWave’s very own Sick Slaughterhouse imprint, another jewel in the already shining crown of this label. All three of the artists are known for their forward thinking productions, but the song is true to its name and is proof, they really can be even stronger together.

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