Grant Saxena knows no bounds. With his constantly transitioning and evolving music, he has a habit of mastering everything he turns his hand to. ‘Pursuit’ is further proof of this point, with his new single courtesy of Digital Ruckus being an absolute belter.

Grant has a glittering history of releases, with two singles reaching the Beatport Trance top ten last year, including ‘This Could Be’ which reached #1. Not just a chart topper, he has also played at some of the world’s most reputable venues and performed the DJ Sax sets his fans have come to know and love. All over Las Vegas, multiple Burning Man performances and many other countries have had Grant’s inimitable DJ sessions bless their venues.

‘Pursuit’ combines all of his production know how with the knowledge gained from all those shows and tours, as he creates a track which will easily ignite party goers minds. The ethereal synth work and beautiful melodies that lace the track are pure DJ Sax. Intricately woven together, they give way for a serious build up and then a drop capable of decimating any dance.

Grant Saxena has had a great few years with his productions and shows, but he will be more excited about his potential future. With festival season fast approaching, you’ll be sure to hear ‘Pursuit’ wherever it is you end up.

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