Tresor, the label run alongside the legendary Berlin techno club, has announced it’ll be reissuing the entire back catalog of the cultish 90s electro label Scopex in honor of its 300th release.

While Scopex itself remains a mystique — with only three 12 inches between 1998 and 2000 — its producers Pollon and Simulant, in turn, emulated some of the rarest and most expensive electro records to date.

As the original copies of the records have also grown increasingly expensive and hard to come by, Tresor deemed it befitting to remaster all of Scopex’s tracks from 1998-2000 for an exclusive vinyl re-release.

All 14 original tracks have been remastered from the original DAT tapes, including a previously unreleased track recorded during the 2000 sessions — the “Optimal Flow” by Simulant.

Tresor.300 releases Nov. 24, exclusively on vinyl.


Record 1: Simulant – Simm City
A1 New Machines
A2 Musical Box
B1 Wav. Form
B2 Wav. Form (Mix)
B3 Untitled (Locked Groove)

Record 2: Simulant – Out Of Ether
A1 Knife Edge
A2 Spectre
B1 Access Future Audio
B2 Access Future Audio (Mix)

Record 3: Pollon – Electratech
A1 Lost Souls
A2 Lonely Planet
B1 Intro
B2 Lost Souls (Mix)
B3 Xtro

Record 4: Simulant – Optimal Flow
A. Optimal Flow

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