All eyes are fixed upon intriguing, rising project, Hi I’m Ghost, as the two innovative artists, Nathan Davis and Tiago Nunez, are developing as one of the bass scene’s most promising up-and-coming acts. The Los Angeles-based DJ and producer duo have cultivated their own heavy, rough beats, with hints of melodic samples juxtaposing weighty, dark undertones with bridges of lighter, harmonic progressions. Their latest, “Spooky Riddim,” is a high-energy choppy fusion of distorted vocals, prominent synths, and eerie sirens. The ominous track is rounded out by interludes of looming choir chanting that build into an intensely haunting vibe, inducing goosebumps upon first listen.

Hi I’m Ghost’s last release, “1Night,” garnered support for its jarring mix of deep kicks, suspenseful builds, and explosive climaxes while maintaining the duo’s signature sinister style. “Spooky Riddim” differs from the other tracks produced by the newcomers, as the two have managed to push the envelope with production techniques by incorporating a different rhythmic structure into the piece. Hi I’m Ghost continues to create an eclectic array in their growing arsenal of tracks, and are even rumored to produce house music in the near future. With their debut of “Spooky Riddim,” Hi I’m Ghost continues to outdo themselves, having fans anxiously awaiting for what’s to come.

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