We caught up with German production duo Casa & Nova to find out about their musically journey and future plans!

Hey guys! So what have you been up to in the past year or so?
Hey! Thanks, we‘re good. Last year we were mostly in our studio working on our new album, which will be released soon.

Can you tell us a bit about both your backgrounds and how you both got into producing music?
We have both known each other since we were children, as we grew up in the same neighbourhood and have spent many hours together. A few years ago we started DJing in clubs and festivals and soon found our passion in producing electronic music.

How long did it take for both of your to craft your style of production and what influences did you both get from listening to artists over the year?
Our style developed itself throughout the years. Both of us have had different influences from different styles of music, so we decided to join our styles together and create something new out of that.

Has music always been a passion for both of you?
Of course! Nico started to play several instruments as a child, especially drumming, whereas Fabian directly started DJing and producing.

What is your favourite equipment to use on your productions?
Over the years we tried several applications for producing but we stayed with FL Studio in the end. The user interface allows us to include every plugin we need, which gives unlimited possibilities for creating new sounds. Additionally we like to include record instruments in our tracks, to make them sound real.

What was it like to release your debut singles in 2013 ‘Come On’ and ‘Wake Up & Shake Up’?
A dream of us came true. It feels great to delight the audience with our own music. It is a strange but also an incredible feeling to see your own name in the charts.

What kind of successes did you experience after your first break?
Which break? 😉 We are happy we never had one. In this time we became partner of FL Studio and gained the chance to give several interviews and to release our songs on radio stations.

Last year you guys released an official cover of Phil Collins’ ‘Another Day in Paradise’, which was nominated by The Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) in the category of EDM. This must’ve been an awesome experience.
That’s right! It was an incredible feeling to hear an “okay” from a legend like Phil Collins. The song has been played more and more often, which gave us successes. One of them was the nomination for the HMM Awards making us very proud.

Apart from producing of course, what do you guys like to do in your spare time?
Nico is a talented photographer and loves to take photos and create videos to support other artists. Fabian is more into editing photos and creating graphics, as he lives as a graphic designer.

Finally, what can we expect over the rest of the year and next year from Casa & Nova?
We will release a new single and are on fire to present our new album in the new year.

Thank you very much for your time, any shout outs you would like to make?
Thanks, it‘s been a pleasure! We would like to thank all of the beautiful people who supported us and our project Casa & Nova, you are awesome!

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