Brooklyn-based duo Walker & Royce have been putting out music together since 2011.  After releasing last years Boy EP with Dirtybird Records, the two DJs have announced that they will once again be joining the label to release their debut album. In preparation for the album, Walker & Royce have released a new single titled “Take Me To Your Leader.”

Featuring charismatic vocals from Dances With White Girls, the song rises and falls between lighthearted and dark, with a full, energetic chorus surrounded by subdued, bass-driven verses. The duo places the vintage sound of the organ into the club-like atmosphere of the song, creating a distinct yet familiar feeling. Walker & Royce present their new album, Self Help, as more than just a compilation of tech house grooves. Aiming for club ready yet introspective, the album sets out to leave the audience thinking as much as they are dancing. Releasing on Dirtybird Records on October 20, this album is one to definitely look out for.

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