After releasing their Not the Actual Events EP at the end of 2016, Nine Inch Nails announced that it was the first installment in a trilogy of EPs. Just before starting their summer tour, the band has released the second EP of the trilogy, Add Violence.

Across the record’s five songs, Nine Inch Nails show off a range of sounds and styles. The lead single, “Less Than,” is an upbeat, synth-driven track with touches of the band’s infamous industrial sound. Frontman Trent Reznor and his bandmates follow up the single with “The Lovers,” a subdued, creeping song with Reznor’s soft vocals weaving in and out of the minimal blips and deep percussion.

The third track, titled “This Isn’t the Place,” is a moody, downtempo song with hints of R&B and soul. The band decides to get loud and industrial on “Not Anymore,” before the explosive track leads into the closing song, “The Background World.” The  final track, standing at nearly 12 minutes long, begins with an eerie intro before gradually distorting into chaos.

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