Calling himself “A part-time musician and full-time comedian,” Gramatik takes listeners to another planet with his latest release with Galatic Marvl, “Voyager Twins.” Gramatik has been making moves as of late, riding off the success of “Recovery,” a summer-set tune that pleased eardrums across the board. Not only are the producer’s own tunes making waves, his remix of Flume’s “Wall Fuck” was welcomed with open arms within the dance music community.

“Voyager Twins” takes a journey into a bass-fueled world in which Gramatik has been known to dive into for his live sets. Installing live instrumentals to accent his electro-funk sound, Gramatik and co-producer Galatic Marvl have left us with a hit. The horns and keys which play profoundly alongside his flawless production create a melodic build up that emerges into a sonorous drop. The single is out now on Gramatik’s Lowtemp records.

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