What do Koven, Stonebank, V!RTU, Mr FijiWiji, MitiS, and INTERCOM all have in common? They all have freshly released remixes of Seven Lions and ECHOS‘ “Cold Skin” out on Monstercat.

“Cold Skin,” released on the Canadian label in November of last year, is the perfect meld of both ECHOS and Seven Lions’ styles. Both artists tend to make darker, melodic music that’s somehow uplifting at the same time, and “Cold Skin” is a culmination of those skills. The verses have a darker tone to them, while the chorus paints a brighter soundscape that gives the listener a hopeful feeling.

Seven months later, six artists have released their own takes on the song – and each one is wildly different.

Koven delivers a melodic dubstep rendition of “Cold Skin” with faint trap undertones. While we often get drum & bass from the UK duo, they dial back the BPM in this contribution for a dubstep track that is soothing and beautiful.

Veering in the opposite direction, Stonebank brings his hardcore mastery to the table. The producer works with ECHOS’ vocals for impeccable builds and drops the listener into unexpected hardcore madness.

V!RTU’s remix of “Cold Skin” is a laid-back future bass tune that focuses on the vocals during the verses and shows off his synth skills at the drop. A track that manages to be both mellow and energetic at the same time, V!RTU’s take on the track is an excellent addition to this compilation.

Monstercat veteran Mr FijiWiji incorporates a very different beat into his remix of “Cold Skin.” His downtempo, deep dubstep take on the track is like most of his music: unexpected and truly enthralling.

After losing an entire hard drive of unreleased music that was set to be his new album earlier this year, MitiS has returned in full force. His future bass remix is a pleasantly melodic rendition that builds gradually and showcases his versatility as a producer.

Monstercat newcomer INTERCOM closes out the EP with a surprisingly deep bass remix. Though the artist’s socials are new and mum on any details about what we can expect down the road, here’s to hoping this beautiful “Cold Skin” remix is indicative of the material we’ll see in the future.

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