Noisia have been at the forefront of audio innovation for over a decade now. The group recently announced a new remix compilation which will feature studio quality versions of previously-unreleased music played during their Outer Edges live shows.

Having already remixed and dropped a new remix of “Tommy’s Theme,” the group also decided to unveil a reworked version of “Surfaceless,” which is a part of their original Outer Edges album.

While the original is more of an interlude than a complete song at less than two minutes long, the Dutch trio has re-worked it into a full-fledged track, while keeping the entire atmospheric vibe of the original track intact.

Noticeably, most of the musical elements on the track have distinct industrial influences, which become even more interesting when the song’s erratic beat structure and unique drum work is taken into consideration. “Surfaceless” is a great auditory reflection of Noisia’s  current musical experimentation, and steadily grows on the listener with time.

The forthcoming Outer Edges remixes will be out this Friday, June 9. Stream Noisia’s VIP remix of “Surfaceless” in full below:

Preorder the forthcoming remix album here.

Dates and tickets for Noisia’s summer tour are available here.

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