Prok & Fitch have become household names in the house and tech scene as of late, having been picked up by labels such as Relief, Suara, and more in addition to numerous releases of theirs making it to the top of global dance charts. The duo have captivated their audience with infectious tech house sounds and raucous sets, making them among the most in-demand acts of the recent house circuit.

Despite an increasingly busy tour schedule, Prok & Fitch have maintained a number of releases just as heavy. Their latest output comes in the form of a re-work to Green Velvet’s classic cut, “La La Land.” They took on this iconic piece in stride, maintaining its standout vocal clips and generally eccentric aesthetic while injecting it with an even groovier, scintillating house foundation.

Prok & Fitch’s “Sweet Sixteen Remix” to “La La Land” will be released through Relief come June 30.

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