Canadian producer Tor’s ambient 2016 album, Blue Book, has garnered substantial support for its avant-garde production quality as well as the album’s intriguing presence. Through – and beyond – his LP, the burgeoning artist has cultivated a sound that stands out as unique in the ambient electronic world. Tor’s use of chimes, woodwind instruments, and mellow percussion blend in a way which makes his original work compelling, innovative, and creative.

The up and coming artist has now released a remix package for his album, featuring notable artists such as Frameworks, Little People, and Emancipator. Ahead of the new release, Emancipator has shed some light on where he believes Tor’s journey will take him…

Tor has become a Loci Records regular over the years – as the head of the label, what do you think makes him and his music special?

Tor has great taste in music as we have heard in his Origins mixes and in the sounds he chooses for his own productions. The combination of his masterful production and immaculate curation of acoustic drum breaks and ancient, worldly tones is what makes Tor’s music so special.

You remixed “Days Gone” for the forthcoming Tor’s Blue Book Remixed EP. How did that process come about – did you offer or did he ask?

When Tor told me he was planning to make a remix album, I definitely wanted to be a part of it. ‘Days Gone’ was one of my favorite tracks on Blue Book, so I was happy to get dibs on that song. It was a challenge though because that song is so perfect as is.

You and Tor are two of a rare breed – producers who make organic music, free of influence from commercial/mainstream demands. Is this what you’ve always dreamed of as an artist?

I imagine it would be draining to have to apply my creative energies in-authentically, and if that were the case I would probably prefer to keep music as a hobby. I’m grateful to be making music that truly inspires me without compromise. Mainstream music can be inspiring too but I don’t feel any pressure to conform to styles that I don’t enjoy.

If you can, please share any plans about your vision for Tor on Loci in the future.

Tor is a legend in the making in my opinion and it would be an honor to continue working with him as part of Loci Records. We recently started putting together label showcase events around the country and it is highly likely you will be able to see Tor live at one of these events in the future.

Evidently, Tor’s distinct style will captivate listeners from all over the world, as each remix takes every song to new heights. Tor’s ability is striking and his work is vibrant – we will be eagerly awaiting more from

Stream the remixes to Tor’s Blue Book below:

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