DJ Khaled’s new album, Grateful, is completely star-studded. Khaled brings big names like Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Chance the Rapper into his new album, guaranteeing it’s a sure summer hit.

“Don’t Quit” with electronic music’s top-earner Calvin Harris also features contributions from Travis Scott and Jeremih. The feel-good summer jam steps back from Khaled’s usual intense rap and hip-hop vibes and takes the listener poolside instead. With its catchy melody and smooth beats, “Don’t Quit” is sure to be a standout from the album’s 23 tracks.

Khaled has been making headlines this week, but unfortunately, most of them aren’t for the new album.

Following multiple set issues at EDC Las Vegas, Khaled claimed Insomniactried to sabotage” his set. He reportedly came out 20 minutes after his set was supposed to begin and was met with sound and production problems. In videos from the set, EDC attendees could be heard booing the artist as he tried to recover from the issues. Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella released a statement attempting to quell the rumors and backlash from fans, saying Khaled arrived on time, but equipment issues delayed and affected his performance.

Lucky for Khaled, this stacked new album is sure to whisk away the lingering EDC resentment and usher in news of the album’s epic collaborations. Grateful is Khaled’s 10th studio album and is out today on his record label, We the Best Music Group and Epic Records.

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