He’s an Alex whose name has been on a considerable number of trance lips over the last 12 months. No, we’re not talking about Mr. M.O.R.P.H. on this occasion. (He’s been on everyone’s lips for 10 years and more!). It is in fact Denver’s Alex Kotliarsky, the man who behind one of last year’s biggest trance breakouts: the Beatport-topping Skylex remix of Thrillseekers’ ‘Amber’.

Germany’s Alex has drafted the US’s Alex in to give his and Eric Lumiere’s almost impossibly beautiful ‘Heart Of Life’ that Skylex treatment. The result? Well, be in no doubt that Alex the latter has delivered on an immense second strike of that old remix lightning.

Putting kilotons of thump behind ‘Heart’s drums and a mass of primetime purpose into its tempo, Skylex comes out of his remix corner swinging. Stirring sub-melodies, slipstream harmonies and a positively aerodynamic mainline line up to deliver their emotional payloads. By the time Eric’s heartbreaker of a song arrives, well, if there’s no lump in your throat, you might wanna check for a pulse too!

Zero inertia, maximum traction and uplift way, way beyond safe acceptable limits, Skylex’s exceptional rework of Alex and Eric’s ‘Heart of Life’ is available now. Pick up your copy here: https://www.beatport.com/release/heart-of-life-skylex-extended-remix/2020892 or check it out via VANDIT’s Soundcloud page here: www.soundcloud.com/vanditrecords


01: Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Eric Lumiere – ‘Heart Of Life’ (Skylex Remix)