Joyryde’s latest hit, “New Breed,” came to life with the release of its accompanying music video. The song officially dropped last Friday on the OWSLA’s recent HOWSLA compilation. The song and music video feature rapper Darnell Williams, a product of Detroit who currently resides in Los Angeles. Not only did the music video for “New Breed” provide a visual to go with the sonics, it was directed by Joyryde himself.

Joyryde’s signature sound, bass-heavy backdrop and chopped breakdowns, is prevalent in the track, layered over the rhymes provided by Williams. The video is dark and menacing, and affects a sinister vibe, illustrating an unforgiving realm of satanic rituals, guns, and violence. Joyryde made a few comments via YouTube about the video and track:

I wrote this story and directed and edited this video. I love to do new things like this record. I had this idea at the end of 2016, me and Sonny Skrill were thinking about writing around it but did not pick it up again and then he told me about the HOWSLA release and how its gonna be about just dope rough cut records. I felt if I’m gonna be on a house based ep i want something totally different from my shit and the the others.. the moment we got Darnell on this the record it got mean and twisted. i love it .. Darnell is a g, serious vocalist and actor..I hope u enjoy it all. J x

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