Pleasurekraft have made waves in recent years with their calculated transition from tech house powerhouses into purveyors of cosmic techno. The duo’s new sonic character has solidified in 2017 with releases like “Rigel” and the Maskara EP, but has taken a new degree of prominence in the last month. Currently, Pleasurekraft’s nefarious “7 Year Itch Rework” of their seminal hit, “Tarantula,” resides in the top spot of Beatport’s overall chart – assuming the honor which its original predecessor did upon its release seven years ago.

The duo now endeavors continue their trajectory into techno’s astral realm with the release their first Kraftek compilation of 2017, Monolith Series Vol. 1. Pleasurekraft lead the compilation with their own original production, “Bellatrix,” a haunting, cerebral take on techno which vacillates between beguilingly uplifting synthesis and sinister bass patterns.

Taking its name from the third brightest star of the Orion constellation, “Bellatrix” acts in many ways as a foil to “Rigel” – indeed, Orion’s brightest star is an eponym to Pleasurekraft’s January release. Where “Rigel” is majestically overpowering in its mystification, straightforward nature of “Bellatrix” renders its abstruse elements innately approachable in the club context. With this newest cosmic release, one wonders if the luminous Betelgeuse looms on the duo’s horizon, waiting to complete their constellatory homage.

As Pleasurekraft’s thematic trajectory becomes evermore intergalactic, their label support continues to reach internationally. The first volume of the Monolith series features duos Spektre and The Yellowheads from the UK and Spain, respectively, while Spaniard Dave Sinner and Dutch Kraftek favorite SAMA ally for the astronomically-inclined “Sagitarrius A.” European contributors to the compilation further include Hybrasil of Ireland, Luca Marchese of Italy, and Nikola Gala of Greece. Rounding out the collection in the Americas are Colombian producer Marck D and Canadian Atroxx, who join forces for the formidable, but mesmerizing “Pieces.”

Given Pleasurekraft’s transnational roots and universal ambitions, this globally reaching compilation sets the stage for a series which masterfully represents duo’s core values and predilections.

Monolith Series Vol. 1 will be released via Kraftek on Friday, June 2. The compilation is available for preorder here, and can be streamed in full below:

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