A compelling figure in the underground music scene, Maya Jane Coles continues to find powerful depth from behind the decks and in the studio. MJC’s reputation is recognized on an international scale, frequenting every corner of the globe to deliver a sweltering exhibition of deep house mastery. In addition to her bass-centric moniker Nocturnal Sunshine, the British artist exhibits a highly-skilled command with every release, revealing that her producing talents exceed the standard output of her contemporaries. Now, after spending some time focusing on creating new music, MJC finally returns with a transfixing piece of work, “Won’t Let You Down” from her EP of the same name.

Pulling on the familiar eccentricities of her reveled deep house sound, Maya Jane Coles lays down a grounded 4/4 rhythm, placing light glitchy synths and hazy vocal samples to mix up a heavy, hypnotic energy. The EP also features two other MJC originals that take on a similar effect, along with two stunning remixes from Catz N Dogz and Paride Saraceni to round out the project.

Stream the Won’t Let You Down EP below.

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