Producer Louis Futon has made a habit of polling fans on Facebook for inspiration on which song he should flip next. The latest result? Frank Ocean‘s “Solo.”

“That one really stuck out to me,” he says in a video posted to Facebook.

Futon pulled a sample from the track to start off his creation, and began his process from there. In a step-by-step process, he found “the sweet spot” and made it “sound old” by pitching the vocals into a different key. He added his own keyboard and guitar stylings to the track, then threw in some drum beats from his keyboard. For the final touch, he brought in Ariel Shrum to play trumpet on the track and jazz it up a bit.

“Solo” is the second track Futon has flipped this month — the first being Kendrick Lamar’s “Pride.”

Watch his “making of” video below to see his process for creating a track.

Stream the finished product below.

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