Italian legend Robert Miles, real name Roberto Concina, shaped helped shape the creation of trance and progressive house. Tragically, an unknown illness has taken his life at the young age of 47.

Miles is best known for his iconic 1996 single “Children,” whose impact was felt around the globe as it sold millions of copies and pulled gold and platinum certifications across many countries. The album “Children” appeared on, Dreamland, is hailed as one of the most groundbreaking and timeless albums of electronic music to date, featuring other widely-adored singles such as “Fable” and “Princess Of Light.” Prior to creating his distinctive “dream” sound, he’d been a known figure in techno circles by the name Robert Milani.

After making his mark on the trance and progressive world, Miles later went on to more esoteric sounds, forging various shades of jazz, glitch, ambient, and hip-hop inspired music. Sources say he was found on earlier in the day May 9 at his Ibiza residence though exact details remain unconfirmed. Since news has risen of his passing, many have taken to social media to express their condolences and reminisce on the way he influenced their tastes in electronica.

May he rest in peace. 

“The tragic news of the death of a very talented artist of our time, makes me incredulous and upset. With him also it is a part of my life as an artist manufacturer. I will miss the fights, brawls, criticism, judgments but especially your talent in finding sounds and melodies unparalleled” – Joe Vanelli (friend and collaborator of Robert Miles)

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