Following his ‘Best Remix’ Grammy win for his take on Bob Moses‘ “Tearing Me Up,” Portugal-based artist RAC maintains his tastemaker status with his newest original release, “This Song.” Much of RAC’s success has stemmed from a long and busy career of reimagining other artists’ singles with an organic and innate styling, but the producer has also created some outstanding originals. His typical sound evokes a natural, playful quality that is easy on the ears and lasting in the heart.

While it’s been awhile since RAC last released an original piece, his latest single is no disappointment. Standing as the first track from his forthcoming album, “This Song” is a ruminative number that kindles contagiously good vibes and an effervescent energy. Featuring the vocals of singer/songwriter Rostam, the piece builds a foundation of peppy beats, nostalgia-inducing synths, and light percussion before drifting off into a pining piano melody.

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