While many electronic producers spend their time chasing trends, um.. runs in the total opposite direction. The peculiar duo of Ben Bruce and Dylan Gold have been developing their artist project in the deep depths of experimental bass scene. Focused on the creating the uncanniest sound design possible with their music, um.. has earned the backing of the niche scene and its counterparts.

Fellow electronic sound design intellects Medasin, X&G, and josh pan collaborated on an absurdist trap original called “The Zoo” last year that was heavily rinsed amongst bass community leaders like Jauz, NGHTMRE, JOYRYDE, and Skrillex himself. Resurrecting the festival favorite, um.. drag “The Zoo” into their twisted sonic world of ear-piercing scrapes, snarls, and growls. Slightly slowing the pace down to inject an even more hostile assortment of bizarre elements, the LA duo once again do not cease to amaze their fans with what diabolic arrangements will come out of their studio.

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