In a world where the music is as arcane as it is gratifying, artists like Huoratron truly excel. Since 2003, the producer has been cultivating his signature style, transporting listeners into futuristic realms that are composed of grizzly synths and hypnotic 4/4 rhythms. Staying true to his infectious style, the Finnish artist continues to pack in profound acid-centric production into every release.

Huoratron is now back and ready to push the fold with his newest announcement. Released off Last Gang Records, the techno maestro has officially announced his long-awaited sophomore album XXVI Crimes of Love with the first track off the record, “Mortality Salience.” The single is a proper introduction to the artist’s cultivated sound, while still bearing his reputable, enigmatic tempo. Setting the stage with disseminating acid synth jabs, the track launches in with tireless chords progressions and a propelling back beat.