Atlanta’s HXV is making some big moves. With his EP, Separation, HXV sets the stage for the rest of his career. It’s a defining moment, one that is being marked with not just a simple single, but three packed into a meaningful project that takes things in a new direction. Each song has been released as a free download, in exchange for a Spotify follow which is nothing compared to what you get in return.

This EP marks the first steps in a longer story I’m trying to tell. My goal is to define what HXV is and sounds like once and for all. I went back and pulled from my inspirations and been writing music that’s electronic in nature and rooted in trap elements but has textures of shoegaze, metal, and dark wave. This EP is about leaving what’s familiar and pushing off into the unknown, embracing the fear and the discomfort of trying new things.”

The EP starts out with “Where Do We Go From Here,” a dark, mystifying record that embodies the exact emotions HXV had before making the changes that he did. Next comes “Into Oblivion,” a sonic black hole that you can’t escape, but luckily, you don’t want to. It’s a one of a kind song that may be our favorite on the EP, however “Crossing The Threshold” rivals it. The last single takes things a different direction, showcasing a more calm sound that closes the Separation out perfectly.

Those moments, those steps that you take into the unknown where you are finding yourself and where you fit into the world that’s the art. The music is the artifact, the ashes of the art itself. The art is the process. When all this is done and all the elements are out this will become the definitive guide for HXV.

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