Sian’s forthcoming album on Octopus defies his imprint’s status quo and explores brand new realms. The Irish-born, LA-based DJ and producer shows the world his persona outside of throbbing techno for Capital Crimewave, making sure to include a hefty dose of left-field electronica and heavy hip-hop aided by local talents AG Fernandez and CL.

That isn’t to say that the Octopus label-head abandons techno completely, however. As part of his Capital Crimewave teaser EP, we come across “Camouflage,” a raw, pulsating techno offering built for peak-time club sets. Pounding kicks permeate the release while stabs of roaring synthesizer add further energy to the finished product. Simple, yet scintillating, “Camouflage” is a hefty club record that will be powering dance-floors for months to come.

Sian is also amidst an immersive tour in honor of Capital Crimewave; view the photo below for more information.


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