Prepare yourself for one of the most intriguing songs and music videos you are going to find. Xia Xia Technique of Los Angeles recently put out their single “Wake & Bass” alongside a music video that is nothing like anything we’ve laid our eyes on before. Unique, fun and totally wacky, this video is well worth the watch.

We’ll start first by saying that “Wake & Bass” itself is a great record. The experimental nature of this hip-hop single is one that many should take note of. In a landscape where most are going for a particular sound, XXT is looking to pave their own way in a similar manner to Die Antwoord, who we expect this trio to be influenced by. With the video, things are quite simple. There’s a lengthy haircut and buzz taking place in a hotel room involved, and then a short greeting with aliens. Who would have thought watching a girl go bald could be so entertaining? And where do the aliens come from? We don’t have the answers, but we have the video. See for yourself!

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