The Launchpad is a biweekly series showcasing hot new music hand selected by our staff. The tracks in these curated playlists come from both underground and mainstream artists that we love. If you’d like to see your music featured in the Launchpad, you can submit it for consideration here

This week’s installment of Launchpad displays a collection of some of the best submissions we’ve been playing all month. Listeners will be treated to a myriad of different genres that will be a perfect way to kick off the weekend.


New York-based group, MEMBA, categorize themselves as being genre agnostic and “Brave” is the perfect representation of that description. “Brave” pivots exceptionally well from very soothing vocals, to high-energy hip hop lyrics, to trap and future bass atmosphere giving listeners a very satisfying musical journey.

No Way Back’s “Minute” is a very soulful new pop track featuring the airy vocals of Sophia Black. Comprised of a warm bassline, thoughtful piano melodies during each build, and punctuated vocal chops, this track will induce euphoria and get anyone excited for some warm and sunny weather.

Rising Brazilian producer, Prophane, recently released the monstrous bass heavy house track, “Breakdown”. This track excels with its blistering synths, dark bass stabs, and ominous percussion samples.

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