As we inch closer to the release of a new album from Manic Focus, we get another single from the Chicago producer. “Putting All Of My People On” has the beatsmith going a bit more hip-hop focused alongside ProbCause for a saucy trapped out single.

Hip-hop has always been an influence in works by Manic Focus, but here he really narrows in on the style, bringing in a dynamic, yet thuggish instrumental that shows a veteran understanding of rap beats. It’s more than a simple beat, it’s an entire song in itself, but to sweeten the pot we get some ingenious lyrics on top. Blending these genres together has been done before, but Manic Focus manages to show why he deserves your ears over other talents. We can’t wait to see just what the album has in store, but for now you can purchase “Putting All Of My People On” through iTunes today.

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