A project not so loosely associated with Tchami and DJ Snake, anonymous masked house music moniker Malaa has released a nefarious remix of DJ Snake’s “On Me Oh My.” The original track features vocals from Migos, G4shi, and Travis Scott, which remain intact on Malaa’s rework For fans, another piece of cleanly produced bass house is most likely welcome but those looking for innovation and something out of the box will be surely underwhelmed.

In recent releases “Contagious” and “Bylina,” Malaa seemed to be on the track to channeling unique creativity. These tracks suggested Malaa’s desire to innovate but we can’t same the same for this remix.When first arriving on the scene, Malaa brought tracks like “Fade” and “Notorious” that took the g-house style and structure, and made it something noteworthy but now the French enigma needs to be careful in order to avoid his sound coming off as worn out.

Listen to Malaa’s remix of ‘Oh Me Oh My’ below:

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