Sasha’s seminal Airdrawndager LP was the second comprised of material produced by himself outside of his rendition of BT’s Ima, as well as one of his most introspective bodies of work which he poured his entire being in to ensure perfection, according to interviews around his writing process. When it was finally released, it became one of his most controversial releases to to its surprising nature. Rather than taking on a dancefloor ready vibe, Airdrawndagger consisted primarily of sweeping, ambient soundscapes and breakbeat rhythms while only employing minute hints of 4/4 progressive that he’d built his reputation on at the time.

As it approaches its 15th birthday this year, many have shed the previously negative notions about Airdrawndagger, and now hail it as one of Sasha’s most moving and heartfelt works. Artfully-drawn sonic canvases such as “Mr. Tiddles” and “Golden Arm” serve as some of its most ethereal, bittersweet moments, while “Requiem” and “Fundamental” provide heavy breaks and wonky synths that add a futuristic touch. It closes with an expansive “Wavy Arm,” which ties together all of Airdrawndagger’s prime elements into a hypnotic, 7-minute journey.

In addition, the album introduced fans to the mellower, left-field side of Sasha’s sound expertise, which he later tapped into in 2016 when he released Scene Delete for Late Night Tales.

Listen to the full album mix below.

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