Earlier this month, LA-based record label and producer collective Team Supreme partnered up with Alison Wonderland on a special beat cypher to give bedroom producers and rising artists a real shot at the spotlight. The cypher featured stems from Alison’s new collaboration with M-PHAZES, “F*** Me(ssiah) Up On A Spiritual Level,” and allowed over 300 producers give their best spins on the track in minute-long renditions.

Team Supreme, who notably reinforced visionaries such as Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba, Penthouse Penthouse, and Great Dane, have released a 28-minute long selection of their top beat cypher picks, which includes names such as Slumberjack, Tsuruda, and AWE amidst the fresh new talent. The mix cycles through experimental tracks that salute Team Supreme’s own signature style. It’s a mashup of different sounds, tastes, and flavors, and stands as an exciting reflection of this year’s producing wunderkinds on the rise.

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