Sandro Cavazza garnered quite the backstory even before making with his debut solo single. With prior writing credits for Avicii and Robin Schulz alike, the young Swedish artist landed off the heels of the latter’s hit “Beautiful Life” with a fire in his belly for solo retribution. “What It Feels Like,” therefore, is the sound of an artist taking control of his own personal legacy, and boy does he do it persuasively.

Co-produced by Cazzette’s Sebastian Furrer and Swedish R&B prospect Dhani Lennevald, the heartrending solo places Cavazza’s harrowing vocal assets against a frantic blend of cinematic strings and contemporary urban beat work. It’s a fusion capable of carrying multiple tastebuds towards this rare and wonderful example of a modern Swedish crooner, but also places the young and promising Sandro Cavazza as the ultimate electronic R&B contender with truly global prospects.

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