Inspired by the sacred symbolism of the lotus flower, Pasadena producer, Purporangejuice steps into experimental territory in his debut release with Warpaint Records.

Purporangejuice explores his sonic palette with “Lotus”, flaunting his creative sensibility in producing a future bass hit. Through the release of “Lotus,” Benjamin Reed achieves the laborious task of forming an eclectic musical identity in the face of a saturated market. Reed’s “Lotus” is a faithful representation of Warpaint’s ultimate goal of eluding the confinements of a single genre as they continue to seek out passionate artists.

Warpaint Records is a burgeoning record label founded in 2015 by brothers Kris and Jeffrey Ware, alongside John Mullinix with the aim of integrating dance music and art into one linear medium for upcoming artists to thrive in today’s competitive industry.

Stream “Lotus” below:

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