Stepping outside of genre norms often comes at a risk. Electronic music legends Kill The Noise and Madsonik took this risk when they joined forces with Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello to create a new single for the new xXx: Return of Xander Cage movie soundtrack. A hostile and insolent track, “Divebomb” is an amalgamation of the dub sounds familiar to Madsonik, the out-of-the-box creativity unique to Kill The Noise, and the unrivaled guitar-playing distinct of Morello.

With all due respect to the aforementioned ingenious talents, it’s often hard to put a finger on the structure or intention behind this track between its erratic timbal samples, transformed guitar riffs, and belligerent percussion patterns. Without seeing the movie first, it’s difficult to fairly opine on whether the song suitably fits its theatrical context. However, on its own, “Divebomb” falls a bit short of the quality we’ve come to expect from Kill The Noise, Madsonik, and the legendary Tom Morello.

Listeners may expect more from the talents behind this track. Since releasing Occult Classic in 2015, Kill The Noise has put out remixes of tracks by Zomboy, Getter, and AWOLNATION. Madsonik released his Seismonaut EP in 2016 and recently released “Take it to the Top,” another single for this film.

Both artists, especially Kill The Noise, have brought listeners these sonic breakthroughs and transformative sounds that offered something of artistic value to the electronic community. Tom Morello, one of the most innovative living guitar players, has made big moves recently by teaming up with members from Public Enemy and Cypress Hill to create Prophets of Rage, as well as collaborating with Knife Party to deliver “Battle Sirens.”

Given the current political climate, a little bit of Rage is definitely needed. However, the artistic genius of these three does not come to light in “Divebomb,” and the track feels like a Hollywood attempt to force trending names onto a motion picture sound track.

Listen to the track below:

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