Anna Müller and Paul Wallner are preparing for the release of their third HVOB album, SILKThe Austrian duo, whose name abbreviates “Her Voice Over Boys,” have established themselves as a unique force in dance music, defined by their crisp, chilling production skills and Müller’s haunting vocals.

HVOB have recruited Mumford & Sons member Winston Marshall for the first single from SILK, entitled “The Blame Game.” Despite the current saturation of active artists in the music industry, it’s incredibly rare to come across a song of great enough quality to leave one speechless. However, what Marshall, Müller, and Wallner have created together is compelling enough to leave the most discerning elocutionist at a loss for words.

The most pervasive qualities of “The Blame Game” are its reverb-laden guitar lines supporting Müller and Marshall’s vocals, which is stylistically aligned with the sonic character of The xx. However, the collaboration is an importantly dynamic one; its sedate, soothing nature is crucially beguiling.

To describe exactly how the song develops over its course would do all listeners a disservice tantamount to spoiling the death of a Game of Thrones character to a belated series viewer. At only a month into 2017, HVOB and Winston Marshall have released what will likely be considered one of the year’s best songs, and it warrants a full, thoughtful listen.

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