Holding roots in India, South Africa, and England, electronic icon Kieran Hebden, otherwise known as Four Tet, has curated a unique playlist to voice his protest to President Trump’s January 27 immigration ban. The unique compilation is a celebration of globalist music, featuring tracks from Syrian, Iranian, Yemeni artists, as well as musicians from other Muslim-majority countries targeted by the recent executive order.

Listeners can feel Hebden’s eccentric tastes as tracks in this playlist wind from Yemeni traditional tracks, to the Jon Hopkins’ remix of “Angel Echoes,” to an array of Bollywood, reggae, and Arabian-folk influences. Mixmag reports the artist’s protest was inspired by his 2013 collaboration with Syrian folk-pop artist Omar Souleyman to produce his Wenu Wenu album, stating that, under this ban, such a collaboration would not be able to happen. Four Tet’s playlist serves as a humble and poignant assertion that 21st century music mandates an world open to global collaboration.

Listen to the playlist below:

H/T: Mixmag, LA Times

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