Ultra Records has a lot of talent on their roster, but one of their hidden gems is Tep No. This producer, singer and songwriter flexes all his talents with his new single “Is It Too Much That I’m Asking For” that was released a couple days ago. With it we get to see just how good Tep No is in all facets of musical creation.

“Is It Too Much That I’m Asking For” is a magical piece of music. The midtempo pace partnered with the laidback vibe fit perfectly together and in adding the sweet topline of Tep No, there’s no way you’re not going to be at least bobbing your head along to this one. The most likely scenario is your whole body will be grooving while you sing the lyrics. It’s always nice to hear producers throw in acoustic sounds into their productions to give a nice natural edge to it. Want a copy? Beatport has you covered.

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