Could there be such a thing as “too much deadmau5?” A fan who goes by the name powerLien has tested this question in August when he uploaded a mix of the Canadian artist’s catalogue that spans seven hours and 23 minutes in length. In total, the mix contains 65 tracks, comprised mostly of Zimmerman originals. Within the extensive mix, powerLien gives a nod to practically every essential deadmau5 track conceivable, including “The Reward Is Cheese,” “The Veldt,” “I Remember,” and his new classic, “Snowcone.”

The mixer’s choice selection and ability to evoke nostalgia may very well leave listeners wanting more, even after dedicating close to a full workday’s length to consuming the compilation’s entirety. At the very least, the mix serves as a tidy selection of tunes that represent deadmau5’s skill as an artist that fans can listen to as they please.

Stream powerLien’s “deadmau5 7+ Hour Continuous Mix” below:

H/T: powerLien – YouTube

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