We’ve already finished gushing over The Chainsmokers’ NYE festivities – dropping their new song “Paris” and even bringing out the Backstreet Boys for their LACC set. Still, they’re not done. We expect a lot of new music from The Chainsmokers in 2017, mostly leaning toward the pop realm as they’ve steered themselves over the past few releases. With “Paris” already getting people talking, they’ve also teased another song in the same realm toward the end of the video below. Following the intense footage, soundtracked by their remix of “We Own The Night” by The Wanted (all the way back in 2013), Drew and Alex, along with their tour manager Clancy, are sitting in their hotel room listening to a new track on their laptop. Lyrics saying “The Day I Met You” can be heard, so for now, that’s what we’re gonna call the track title. Interestingly enough, that line also appears in “Closer,” sung by Halsey. Could it be a sequel of sorts? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s something to keep in mind. Skip ahead to 2:13 to hear the new track or watch the whole video in its glory below: Image via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: The Chainsmokers Tease Yet Another New Song In Latest Video

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The Chainsmokers Tease Yet Another New Song In Latest Video