Lucina Luchii - Fly High

Lucina Luchii pairs up with the high-flying D/A Music Group this winter for the release of ‘Fly High’ – a silky smooth, vocal and keys combo that merges the stunning vocalist’s beautiful aural tones with a clean and reflective instrumental. Rolling along at a steady 74BPM – the production starts out stripped back with just mellow piano chords and Lucina’s voice holding the centre stage. As ‘Fly Eye’ grows we’re treated to a full course of half-time rhythms, soulful brass glides and subtle low end bass notes which come together to create a reflective backbeat to Lucina’s memorable vocal performance.

Released via the reliable talent stable of D/A Music Group, the collective once again introduce us to a talent that’s capable of garnering international plaudits. High end, modern crossover Pop/Soul/R&B is hard to find outside of the household names which makes D/A’s A&R efforts all the more impressive. If this is a sign of things to come, we can no doubt be looking forward to an exciting year ahead for both the group and Lucina alike.

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