Late in September, REZZ announced that she would be releasing a collaboration with rising producer k?d in 2017 – later noting that their forthcoming joint effort would likely be the first of many. The notion of the two artists joining forces makes sense, due to their stylistic authenticity and status as wunderkinds; however, their union is also somewhat unexpected, due to their stylistic differences. While REZZ is best known for her mid-tempo blends of techno and bass music, k?d’s reputation primarily revolves around his experimental spin on ethereal future bass.

However, the elusive young producer has proven his ability to channel the REZZ’s style in the past . “Mortem,” his Halloween release, seemed to be straight from the Alesia playbook – a major influence of Isabelle Rezazadeh herself. Now, k?d has released his followup to the aforementioned track, entitled “Vindicta.” For those who don’t speak Latin, its worth noting that “Mortem” and “Vindicta” translate into “Death” and “Vengeance,” which effectively applies to each track’s style. While there was a certain cold despair inherent in the musical essence of “Mortem,” its sequel is typified by pure, sonic rage. Catalyzed by quaking drums and strident synthesis, “Vindicta” will likely turn a totally new audience onto one of 2017’s most intriguing producers.

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