The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins today in Las Vegas, showcasing the newest in consumer electronics for the average (and above average) electronics users. This includes major appliance items like televisions, new tech like virtual reality, as well as gadgets like power banks. Power banks are a super important accessory for ravers, considering we’re stuck at music festivals for hours on end with no outlets. And though we really want you to be in the moment, enjoying the lights and sounds, you’re bound to take a few videos and share on social media – and that drains the battery. This is where power banks come in. BUQU is unveiling a line of fashionable power banks at CES that fit in with the raver aesthetic, and come in a variety of styles. To promote the line, they’ve teamed up with Steve Aoki for a totally custom CAKE ME™ power bank that’s in the shape of, you guessed it, a piece of cake. “I’m on the go 24/7 and am always charging so it made a ton of sense to team up with BUQU on this project since I was already rocking their chargers,” says Aoki. “I love that I can clip it to my belt loop or backpack so I always have it with me.” Each will provide enough power to fully charge most smartphones one time and feature a 2,500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They all include a clip for attaching to backpacks, purses, handbags, totes, belt loops and gym bags to quickly become conversation pieces. Each and every BUQU power accessory includes a limited lifetime warranty and is built to last. And with Coachella right around the corner, these will be your perfect companion in the hot Indio sun. The new line includes: Steve Aoki’s CAKE ME™ ($24.99): You can have your cake and charge it too with this Steve Aoki designed cake slice power bank for the ultimate smartphone sugar rush GHOST™ ($19.99 USD): This little glow-in-the-dark ghoul will provide enough scare to bring your phone back from the dead POWER POOF™ ($19.99 USD):  These faux fur pom-poms make for the perfect purse charm – offering a stylish new approach to powering smartphones while on the go.  Available in plum and black CHILL™ ($19.99 USD): Chill out with this penguin power bank for the perfect blend of cute and cool POPS™ ($19.99 USD): This creamsicle inspired power bank is  a fun summer treat for your smartphone MELO™ ($19.99 USD): Let your smartphone take a bite of this watermelon power bank to juice up when you’re running low The new line of BUQU® power banks, including CAKE ME™ are available now for pre-order at and will begin shipping late February 2017.  POPS™ and MELO™ will begin shipping mid-March 2017. The line will be featured at Tilly’s, Forever 21 and other fine retailers nationwide starting March 2017. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Exclusive: Steve Aoki Releases Custom Power Bank With BUQU At 2017 CES

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Exclusive: Steve Aoki Releases Custom Power Bank With BUQU At 2017 CES