The big news of the day is undoubtedly President Trump’s executive order, banning immigration from a select group of countries in the middle east. Many thousands of people across the country have already begun demonstrating at international airport terminals in protest of the decree. For their part, many dance music DJs have also voiced their concern of the #MuslimBan on Twitter. Great. Trump banning immigrants. Guess you better send Melania back too. — dead mow cinco (@deadmau5) January 28, 2017 Don't let any fucker tell you you're a 'snowflake' for caring about this outrage #muslimban — ed simons (@eddychemical) January 28, 2017 This immigration ban is probably one of the most disgusting things. One step forward for trump 20 steps backwards for mankind — marshmello (@marshmellomusic) January 28, 2017 What a fucking shame from the land of the free Dark times ! — Boys Noize (@boysnoize) January 28, 2017 Trump freaks me out man. That dude is a sociopath — GRiZ 2017 edition (@mynameisGRiZ) January 28, 2017 "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." – Thomas Jefferson — Zedd (@Zedd) January 29, 2017 H/T Dancing Astronaut This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: EDM Reacts To Trump’s Ban On Muslim Immigration

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EDM Reacts To Trump’s Ban On Muslim Immigration