Desolat regular Cuartero is returning to the imprint for the start of 2017 with a 4-piece dubbed Nosy Neighbors. By the time the EP reaches its second track “Multiverso,” the Spanish DJ has already brought listeners deep into an undulating groove. Chunky bass lines accompanies pounding kicks, creating a sturdy foundation for the piece to build upon. An old-school flair is heavily present in “Multiverso,” as it’s completed by layers of retro vocal samples and groovy keyboard stabs which bring heavy feelings of nostalgia to an otherwise pumping, modern dance cut. The result is an already stand-out track of the year whose timeless nature will ignite dancefloors this year, and surely many years to come.

“Multiverso,” and Nosy Neighbors as a whole attest to Cuartero’s expertise in crafting music that never fails to get people moving. His keen ear for production and weaving together equally enticing sets have led him to become a highly recognized figure in the techno and house scenes after a relatively short time in the industry. On January 13, he’ll be joining Desolat owner Loco Dice & others from the crew in Playa Del Carmen for the label’s BPM festival showcase.

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