Concrete Waves - Northern Dawn

Russian DJ and producer duo Tkachenko Vitaly and Vladimir Pavlov make up Concrete Waves. The guys make their Bonzai Progressive debut with the fantastic ‘Northern Dawn’, which is backed up with two superb remixes from Manu Riga and Crocy. Concrete Waves was formed in May 2016 when the guys got together through their passion for music. They both enjoy listening to and creating Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Progressive, Hip-Hop and House. Their first release came out in June 2016 on Emotional Noise and other works, including compilation releases, soon followed. They are still working on finding their niche and perfecting their sound while working on their first album. A hugely talented up and coming project that is definitely one to watch.

The Original Mix treats us to a sublime deep progressive trip full of beautifully crafted layers. A solid pumping kick drum leads the way alongside bright hi hats and rhythmic percussions while a wonderfully lush bassline meanders through the track creating a deep groove. Tantalising synth arps weave intricate patterns drawing us deeper into the groove. On the break sweet melodies are revealed to the backdrop of rich pads that capture the imagination before we are thrust back into the main track for the duration. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.

Manu Riga is back once again with another one of his top notch remixes and, once again we are blown away by this guy’s superb talent. Belgian music maestro Adriaan Baussens is now a household name in the music production world, he has gained an army of followers over the years and is still reaching out to new recruits with every release. His talent lies in perfecting everything he touches which translates to those who simply appreciate “good music”. Here he shoots straight to the floors with a beautifully constructed progressive slice. Nice and chunky kick drums lead the way while crispy hi hats and shuffling percussions create a solid rhythm. A hypnotic vox loiters in the background as a prominent arpeggio delivers the lead sound. Throbbing basses deliver that pure prog vibe that keeps you hooked throughout. Simply stunning stuff that is a definite must have for any jock.

Bonza stalwart Crocy is up next with his remix and as you’d expect he delivers the goods once more. We’ve seen a multitude of outstanding work from this guy over the years and he always produces to the highest standard leaving the listener wanting more. His last outing was on remix duties for Manu Riga’s Surrounded Remixed which came not long after his own Valve back in July 2016. Always a pleasure to get this guy’s work in the mail box and no doubt we’ll see much more in the future. The remix opens with a solid punchy kick drum and shuffling hi hats combi. Raspy bass notes accompany the tight drums as spacey pads fade in. Intricate synth patterns make an appearance alongside a sublime hypnotic bassline that sits perfectly on the low end. An array of FX add wonderful textures while on the break we’re treated to a simplistic and effective melody that keeps you locked in. Top notch stuff perfect for any late night set.

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