TEQUILA – Broz Rdz – A Crazy Mexican Story [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Track & Music Video Review by: Areen Kojikian

Broz Rodriguez (Broz Rdz), embraces his fiesta roots in the hot new single
“Tequila”. Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, or better known as The Tequila City,
there’s no surprise where he got his spark from for his newest release. “Tequila” is a
rework of the classic track from The Champs which was released in the 1950’s. Broz
Rdz added his own modern latin bounce twist to it, making it a perfect anthem for the
dance floor. Growing up with a burning passion for music and loving support from his
parents, Broz Rdz got the chance to develop his DJ and production skills from an early
age. His enthusiasm and energy embody everything a great party needs and we can see
this translated really well in his new upbeat high energy single “Tequila”.



This track is Chapter 1 of an exciting new trilogy called “A Crazy Mexican
Story” which features a debut music video from Broz Rdz. He stars in the video
playing the character of “Isidro” a local humble “jimador”. That is the name given
to experienced farmers who select and cultivate the Agave plant, the most
important ingredient of true Tequila. In the video he falls in love with Galatzia, a
girl that was filming a commercial for Ezequiel, the main antagonist’s tequila
company. The unlikely duo share romantic moments and finally end up going
clubbing together for Galatzia’s birthday. When Ezequiel arrives at the nightclub
for her birthday he catches Isidro and Galatzia together. What we don’t know is
that Ezequiel is Galatzia’s ex-boyfriend and it becomes a crazy mexican story


The single was played on Pitbull's Globalization Radio via Sirius XM and is
now available on DJCity. You guys can watch the madness unfold here:

A Crazy Mexican Story | Chapter 1: Tequila [OFFICIAL VIDEO]




TEQUILA – Broz Rdz – A Crazy Mexican Story [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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