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Headhunterz “Takin’ It Back” hits 10 Million Youtube views

Headhunterz “Takin’ It Back” hits 10 Million Youtube views Check out 'Taking it Back: Cast your vote for Headhunterz in the Top 100 DJs poll...

Snakehips & MØ team up for their new single ‘Don’t Leave’

In a song (“All My Friends”) about years of bad nights out in London featuring Tinashe & Chance The Rapper, Oliver Lee & James Carter proved their knack for pursuing other leading artists when writing new music.Moving forward, British duo Snakehips has finally teamed up with Danish top-liner MØ for yet another high-profile collaboration. Don’t Leave is an honest offering where MØ narrates a growing rift between her & her significant other over a melodic beat driven by powerful synths. The track’s strength lies in its emotional temperament, which speaks to a certain truth about love. It’s poetic. It’s catchy. It’s everything we’d expect from these two artists.Don’t Leave may very well be your new break-up anthem, but let’s hope we never get there. Stream below. Follow Dancing Astronaut’s Hot 25 for 25 of the hottest new tracks in electronic music — updated every Friday. Read More:Diplo and Jauz team up to Remix MØ’s ‘Final Song’Listen to MØ’s latest release, ‘Drum’Snakehips team up with Zayn for Summery Jam ‘Cruel’

Gommi Makes His Debut on Heavyweight Records with Single “Psychosis” and Disturbing Music Video

For anyone who has ever felt trapped by the chains of the corporate world, Gommi's "Psychosis" track and music video may hit a little too...

Young Futura – Patience

Beau Young Prince and Futura are back and bringing major vibes with their new single. The title track of DC-meets-LA duo Young Futura has kept us patiently waiting for their upcoming Patience EP. Taking on a more typical hip-hop style beat, Young Futura bring a smooth sexiness to “Patience”. Stream Young Futura’s new single “Patience” while The post Young Futura – Patience appeared first on EDM Sauce.

Facebook Doubles Down On Live, Adds New Live Video Feature To Instagram

Facebook Live has asserted itself as one of the breakout features of 2016, and has changed the way friends can interact, and the feature has even found a place in news, informing the public of current events like the DAPL protests. Now, Instagram has launched their own Live Stream feature, which will be become available to iOS and Android users across the next few days. The main difference between Facebook Live and Instagram Live Video will be the fleeting nature of Instagram’s new feature. Instagram Live Video will disappear after the stream ends, never to be seen again, but it’s only a matter of time before other applications pop up to solve that problem. The company is hoping that by making the feeds temporary, users will be more inclined to stay on the app so they don’t miss out on a groundbreaking once-in-a-lifetime video. Users will be able to scroll through relevant “Top Live” videos under the “Explore” tab, but it remains to be seen how the new addition is utilized and how popular it becomes. Source: BGR This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Facebook Doubles Down On Live, Adds New Live Video Feature To Instagram

Manu Riga – Disconnected

Manu Riga returns to Bonzai Progressive with a sublime two tracker Entitled ‘Disconnected’. This time round he enlists the stunning vocal talent of Mandy...


Guestlist4Good partners with Alda and W&W to bring world’s first Extended...

India’s biggest social enterprise to team up with globally acclaimed event brand & Dutch duo for pioneering premier, blending the virtual and real world and creating...


Sam Allan Drops “Ascender” and Brings Tech House to the Spotlight

Tech House fans, it's time to elevate the vibes in the room.  Sam Allan releases his newest track, “Ascender”, delivering an enticing beat with...

Joe Hawes – Coffee House Radio – Ep 35

Joe Hawes is back for another episode of his much-loved radio show ‘Coffee House Radio’ and it is bigger than ever! Bringing you the...

ALWZ SNNY – Still Wait 4U EP

The ever-glowing ray of sunshine in the EDM scene is back with a brand-new EP titled ‘Still Wait 4U’. Getting things going with high-pitch...

Bobby Shann – Tournament of Power

Bobby Shann’s ‘Tournament of Power is a transcendent deep house track that will take you into a state of pure bliss. Kicking off with...

Vessbroz & Winick & Reick ft Kristina R – Let Me In Tonight

The Vessbroz have teamed up with Rieck and Winick for a flawless delivery of what could potentially be a song that claims the titled...

Darkwave Band STYKFAKTOR Reveals New Single, “Distance” – An Emotional Struggle With Social Distancing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 29, 2020 - St. Louis-based darkwave act STYKFAKTOR has announced the release of their new single & video, "Distance." "Distance" is a song written in...

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Reggio & Zack Martino – ‘Future’

Fresh off of a few big releases on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings including the powerhouse track, ‘Mental’, Reggio has teamed up with Zack Martino. The pair has brought us a new dark progressive track via W&W’s label, Mainstage Music. ‘Future’ serves as an excellent exclamation point on 2016 while taking us full force into 2017. Featuring The post Reggio & Zack Martino – ‘Future’ appeared first on EDM Sauce.

K?d – Vindicta (Original Mix) Free Download

Late in September, REZZ announced that she would be releasing a collaboration with rising producer k?d in 2017 – later noting that their forthcoming joint effort would likely be the first of many. The notion of the two artists joining forces makes sense, due to their stylistic authenticity and status as wunderkinds; however, their union is also somewhat unexpected, due to their stylistic differences. While REZZ is best known for her mid-tempo blends of techno and bass music, k?d’s reputation primarily revolves around his experimental spin on ethereal future bass.However, the elusive young producer has proven his ability to channel the REZZ’s style in the past . “Mortem,” his Halloween release, seemed to be straight from the Alesia playbook – a major influence of Isabelle Rezazadeh herself. Now, k?d has released his followup to the aforementioned track, entitled “Vindicta.” For those who don’t speak Latin, its worth noting that “Mortem” and “Vindicta” translate into “Death” and “Vengeance,” which effectively applies to each track’s style. While there was a certain cold despair inherent in the musical essence of “Mortem,” its sequel is typified by pure, sonic rage. Catalyzed by quaking drums and strident synthesis, “Vindicta” will likely turn a totally new audience onto one of 2017’s most intriguing producers.Read More:

Minimal Effort imports underground techno veterans to a major LA setting Review

Techno has been an unshakeable force in American electronic music culture since its stateside inception in 1980s Detroit. In recent years – particularly since the unofficial “EDM boom” of 2010 – techno has served as an underground resistance of sorts to many of dance music’s more commercial iterations. Since assuming this role in the US dance music dichotomy, techno has appreciated a substantial surge in popularity. As taste-makers become compelled to form their own events, and as event producers become more tasteful themselves, there has been a visible push to elevate the sounds of the underground to a broader stage.In Los Angeles, Minimal Effort stands at the forefront of this endeavor. Founded in 2013 by industry veterans including Cyril Batar, Minimal Effort set out to create something “raw,” that would appeal to the underground tastes of seasoned club connoisseurs, but would also attract broader audiences in an effort to expand the Los Angeles techno scene. As Bitar puts it, “Our vision is to instill the existence of awareness and appreciation of sophisticated dance culture in LA—but above ground so it’s accessible to all.”Three years since its establishment, Minimal Effort continues to grow as a major influencer in the LA techno renaissance. The company’s success – particularly with their benchmark Halloween and New Year’s Eve mini-festivals – has been the result of their resilience, adaptability, authenticity, and most importantly, their tasteful bookings. Though inevitable complications led Minimal Effort to switch their NYE 2016 event to Downtown LA’s Globe Theater at the last minute, the show was resoundingly successful in bringing the underground to the city’s surface. Henry Saiz Live Band. Image by Chris Soltis.For their New Year’s Eve event, Minimal Effort refashioned the Globe Theater into a three-tiered manifestation of club culture’s different facets over the course of a 12-hour party. Upstairs, nestled just past the VIP viewing balconies, the Space Yacht stage hosted the lineup’s most widely-accessible acts in the venues most upbeat setting. Evoking the essence of a lounge, Space Yacht recruited the talents of tech house and deep house fixtures such as Amtrac, Kastle, and Sacha Robotti, offering respite to those wishing to socialize or take a brief break from the warehouse sensibilities below.The Basement stage, as its name suggests, provided quite literal representation of underground house and techno. Led by Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Lee Reynolds, and Marbs, the Desert Hearts Crew took command over the party’s subterranean level. The Southern Californian collective reveled in the darkened cavern’s sonorous acoustics, taking advantage of the warehouse ambience afforded by its minimal lighting as the ideal forum to promote their core mantra of “House. Techno. Love.” Basement. Image by Jamie Rosenberg.Desert Hearts bookended the Basement stage’s itinerary with a diverse blend of house, techno and wildly divergent samplings throughout their intermittent tenures. From 7:00-9:00, the cabal of performers heightened attendees’ energy for the tribal stylings of South American luminary Nicola Cruz, the eldritch techno of the quickly ascending German bellwether &ME, and dutifully-woven, electro-infused offerings from legendary British duo Simian Mobile Disco. From 1:00-4:00, Desert Hearts returned to their post, allowing underground carousers to continue the Basement’s bacchanalia well into the wee hours of 2017.Minimal Effort’s main attraction for the evening was, of course, the Theater stage, which allowed attendees the rare opportunity to see icons of techno’s underground in a full-fledged concert setting. As the bulk of attendees filed into the venue in the hours leading up to the ball drop, Human Resources (Bitar’s own duo with Ahmed Elwan) and Francesca Lombardo took center stage. Lombardo would reprise this role the following day, presiding as the headliner for Minimal Effort’s New Year’s Day recovery event, to which concertgoers were given complimentary access. Audion. Image by Chris Soltis. The sacred responsibility of ushering in the new year was bestowed upon Audion, the experimental techno alias of veteran DJ Matthew Dear. Indeed, no performer on the festival’s bill could have proved to be more fitting than Dear for two reasons. Firstly, Audion’s electrifying brand of techno matched the raucous energy of the NYE countdown far better than the more somber tones of his successors would have. Secondly, there is an ephemeral, perhaps epochal nature to any Audion set; Alpha, Dear’s 2016 album under his alter-ego, came after a decade-long hiatus from the Audion project. Among the crowd, there was a tacit appreciation for the ability to catch the Texan techno maverick in 2017, as it may be quite some time before the opportunity re-emerges.Recondite provided the Theater stage’s first set of 2017, and likely, the event’s most-anticipated. In November, the German producer purveyed an EMOTY-nominated Essential Mix consisting entirely of his own music, cementing his status as one of the year’s most fervently-acclaimed techno artists. Amid the uninitiated, Lorenz Brunner’s primely-slotted set invoked a palpable sense of wonderment regarding how he would translate the essence of his definitive BBC Radio 1 set into a live context. Indeed, Recondite did not disappoint, as he transported his audience into an abyss of ominous, cerebral, and deeply mesmerizing techno. Arguably one of the night’s most scintillating moments revealed itself in the climax of Brunner’s “Warg,” as the crash of its inaugural snare pervaded throughout the venue in a cold, sonic eruption that would not leave spectators’ spines until the next day’s hangovers arrived. Stephan Bodzin. Image by Chris Soltis.If Recondite was Minimal Effort’s darkest act, then Stephan Bodzin was the festival’s albatross – guiding wayward listeners back into the light with his utterly transcendental instrumentations. Yet, this light would prove to be beguiling, as Bodzin plunged into more sinister realms. Evoking the essence of Mercury, Bodzin’s minimal, yet shimmering visual backdrop set an awe-inspiring stage for the legendary techno pioneer’s auditory journey. Standing solemnly behind a Moog synthesizer, Bodzin traversed a wide range of emotions and sensibilities, never pigeonholing his performance to one reductive essence.Minimal Effort’s attendees concluded their night at the Theater stage with the psychedelic visuals and celestial stylings of the Henry Saiz Live Band. Providing the most ethereal set of the night, the outfit’s live instrumentations displayed a different facet to the techno festival, and offered a hope-inspiring transition out of the festival and into the new year.At the end of the 12-hour dance marathon, it was clear that techno is continuing to become a much larger force in the Los Angeles club scene, and Minimal Effort is going to be a large part of this ascension.

Elle Vee Releases First Solo Project of 2017 – ‘Angel’ (Original Mix)

Seasoned vocalist Elle Vee just dropped her first single of the new year. Elle Vee was featured on some of the biggest electro and big room hits in 2016 including tracks from Dzeko & Torres and Benny Benassi. In the new year the singer/songwriter has gone out on her own and dropped a solo single The post Elle Vee Releases First Solo Project of 2017 – ‘Angel’ (Original Mix) appeared first on EDM Sauce.

Shanahan featuring Ruby Prophet in an outstanding new vocal hit “Wasting Time”

The consistently brilliant Shanahan returns to Enhanced alongside Ruby Prophet's mesmerising vocals in an outstanding new vocal hit "Wasting Time". Becoming increasingly well known...

Moby turns down offer to play at Trump’s inaugural ball, makes a playlist instead

We’re 10 days out from the inauguration of Donald Trump as our new American president. There’s been plenty of rumblings surrounding the impending Trump presidency, and while we have no interest in taking political sides, keeping track of the entertainment industry’s backlash to the President-Elect has been a source of comic relief in an otherwise uncertain time. The latest prominent artist to turn down an offer from the Donald is Richard Melville Hall, the artist better known as Moby. Perhaps the antithesis of everything that the incoming administration represents, Moby was approached by his booking agent to see if he would consider performing at this year’s Inaugural Ball.His response? “I guess I’d DJ at an inaugural ball if as payment #trump released his tax returns.”Hahahahaha, I was just asked by a booking agent if I would consider djing at one of the inaugural balls for #trump… Hahahahaha, wait, Hahahaha, really? I guess I’d DJ at an inaugural ball if as payment #trump released his tax returns. Also I would probably play public enemy and stockhausen remixes to entertain the republicans. I’m still laughing. Hahahaha. So #trump what do you think, I DJ for you and you release your tax returns?A photo posted by moby XⓋX (@moby) on Jan 9, 2017 at 8:52am PSTIn addition to publicly denying the invitation, Billboard reached out the Moby to create a hypothetical playlist of the tracks he would have spun at Trump’s inauguration. And who would have guessed — it’s a collection of anti establishment and anti political protest songs that include Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and the Sex Pistols.Via: Billboard

Kapre is “Waiting For You” With This New Remix

Well he has done it again. Kapre has constantly suprised us with his new music and after hearing this first release of his for 2017 we can’t wait for more. With his latest release, Kapre remixes Le Boeuf’s single “Waiting For You” and he did an absolutely incredible job at it. Starting with emotional pads The post Kapre is “Waiting For You” With This New Remix appeared first on EDM Sauce.

Tom Tyger & Melsen Lay on the Good Vibes With “I Need U”

Need a midday pick-me-up to lift your mood during that afternoon slump? Look no further than Protocol Recordingsʹ new release by Tom Tyger and...

Maor Levi Returns to Anjunabeats with ‘Returning/Universal’

Maor Levi was a bit all over the place this past year. The producer who got his real first break off of Above and Beyond’s legendary imprint, Anjunabeats, took 2016 to kind of explore all options available. Maor is involved in a few side projects now, such as Bad Royale, a trio who truly claims The post Maor Levi Returns to Anjunabeats with ‘Returning/Universal’ appeared first on EDM Sauce.


Impossible Records Drops iso:R, “Kagetora” EP and it is…. MASSIVE!

If you are a fan of bass focused music then you are a fan of KJ Sawka. Whether that name rings a bell or doesnt you are a fan. The man is part of DESTROID & Pendulum two of the biggest DANCE / BASS bands… EVER. In addition, KJ owns a thriving dubstep focused label The post Impossible Records Drops iso:R, “Kagetora” EP and it is…. MASSIVE! appeared first on EDM Sauce.

Electronic LissA vs MEMBA – Don’t Look Back

We’re totally in love with LissA’s provocative love anthem and her vocals prove you can have a crush on someone’s voice. We’re equally in love with the production style of New York’s Ishaan Chaudhary & Will Curry, aka MEMBA. When the two joined forces to bring us “Don’t Look Back” the compilation of talent took this track to a whole other level. LissA has organically built an incredible following with her talented sultry and what I’d call, voluptuous voice with past tracks such as “Pitch Black” featuring production from the talented Berlin producer Mazde, and with her cover of the Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc,” plus many more. Now, released on Night Air Records, “Don’t Look Back” joins her repertoire of singles that have quickly amassed some love from practically every industry insider. Add MEMBA to the mix with their worldly and ancient influences and we’re given an ethereal track by talented artists that ultimately make the perfect match. You can stream or buy “Don’t Look Back” here.

ORII – The Rule TMN Premiere

Start your Friday off with a first listen to a brand new single from the LA producer ORII. The dubstep track is about as dynamic as it gets, bringing classic growls into the mix with some subtle metal influences and a classical breakdown that will bring a tear to your eyes. On top of all that, there’s a hip-hop vocal. How all this came together cohesively we could never tell you, but just listen to the result and you’ll see how things came out. This impressive feat is special in its own right, but to take things even further ORII is a new project from Modulation. Big things are coming for this talent who has already seen a lot of success with Modulation and his work as a ghost producer for top bass acts. “The Rule” is just the start and we’re excited to see where things go for ORII!

BlareMob – Hold Me

New Delhi duo BlareMob are back with their latest release ‘Hold Me’. This Electro-House anthem starts off with a groove that instantly takes charge...

Celebrate the fifth anniversary of Flume’s self-titled debut LP Stream

Five years in the electronic music space can seem like a lifetime, especially as this past half decade saw dance music grow into a $7 billion global enterprise. Production value, ticket sales, and arguably even talent are at an all time high in the social media age, with Flume a major standout. The Australian superstar started shaping the course of contemporary electronic music with his self-titled debut solo LP five years ago.Harley Streten’s Flume project introduced the world to the experimental blend of liquid synths, off-filter percussion arrangements, and modulated basslines that are now ubiquitously considered future bass, at a time when Australia’s now massive pool of production talent just began to emerge. Compositions like “Sleepless,” “Holdin On,” and “Insane,” not only catapulted Streten to an iconic status, but are enduringly evident influences in the works of some of today’s most sought-after breakthroughs including Mura Masa and Marshmello.Flume also came at a time when the full length LP didn’t carry much strength, or popularity in the electronic music world, though the record’s sweeping, monumental success undoubtedly paved way more full length studio products from fellow electronic artists to follow. The album even received a deluxe edition release, which hosted Streten’s seminal remix of Disclosure‘s “You & Me.” Creating a genre of his own, and then continuing to not only dominate it, but push it’s creative boundaries, Flume has earned his spot in morden electronic music’s uppermost echelon largely behind the work on his formal introduction, Flume. Read More:Flume put together a comprehensive hip-hop guest mix on Apple Music and it goesFlume: ‘I’m currently working on a whole bunch of new ideas, bits and pieces’RL Grime shares edit of ‘Aurora’ with Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’ Free Download

Trunks – Landing

Atlanta native, Trunks has been rising through the ranks with his DJ talent and has now created a slow tempo, melodic track with dreamy...

Take A Listen To Merk & Kremont’s Upcoming Track ‘Invisible’

It’s been several months since the Italian duo have released an original track but have no fear because Merk & Kremont are back once again with a new original called ‘Invisible’. You may have heard it in Spinnin’ Records 2017 Future Hits mix which features over an hour’s worth of upcoming releases on the record The post Take A Listen To Merk & Kremont’s Upcoming Track ‘Invisible’ appeared first on EDM Sauce.