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Kaskade Offers Reflective End Of Year Post On His Personal Blog

2016 has been… rough. With the death of Alan Thicke just a couple days ago, it seems like this year isn’t content to just leave us alone up until the very end. However, there have been a lot of great things that have happened this year, too. If you’ve been to a music festival and had fun, or made friends, or saw the best set of your life, that’s worth something. If you accomplished a personal goal; if you finally said “I love you”; if you just finally figured out how to make that damn souffle, you should be proud of yourself. In dance music, Kaskade has had a great year. Every year he reflects on the past twelve months in a blog post, and this year has been quite packed. You can read his words below, and head to the blog here for a lot of tweets, pictures and messages from fans that Kaskade holds dear. Ok 2016, you’ve made your point. Perhaps the most poignant memory of 2016 is the sudden loss of Colleen Burns, who founded a community of friends from all over the world she named “Kaskade Konnect”. Colleen was more than a fan, she was a true diplomat and love ambassador. Her absence is felt every day, though her legacy outshines that sadness. It’s been a tough year world-wide. I read somewhere that this year was proof that David Bowie actually did hold the fabric of the universe together. We lost him and everything went a little haywire. But as we emerge and look around there were some very high points. If we look at our pictures and spend some real time looking at all we’ve shared together, it’s been a landmark year. Holy Ship, the Grammys, Ultra, Redux, EDC, Kaskade LA, and most importantly: all the music. It’s been a new year in a new studio and I’ve never felt so inspired. This is the year I finished The Arkade, and in the last three months, I’ve written more music (yet to be released) than I’ve written in the last three years. Join me in saying ‘bye 2016 and looking forward to what we can crush together in 2017. At the end of this post, I’ve put together a complete library of the music that came out of my brain (and was released) in 2016. Because there’s really no better way to look back than by listening. #LetTheMusicSpeak When you can’t get high enough….#Chicago : @MarkOwensPhoto pic.twitter.com/57i88z1xnY — Kaskade (@kaskade) June 13, 2016 Image via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Kaskade Offers Reflective End Of Year Post On His Personal Blog

I Want EDM Exclusive Premiere: Dangerouz – Here Me Now

Armed with a highly energetic, festival-shaking release catalogue that includes crowd-pleasing Beatport Top 100 hits such as ‘Kingpin’, ‘Police Raid’, ‘Brenessy’ and ‘Dynasty’, it’s...

Dooqu & Luke Cusato – Better Withu Free DL

“Better Withu” by Dooqu & Luke Cusato will hit you right in the feels, and even has a Christmas sound to it low key in my opinion via the twinkling piano medley throughout. Once the beat drops on the chorus a sexy future beats style of production comes into play that is as lush as The post Dooqu & Luke Cusato – Better Withu Free DL appeared first on EDM Sauce.

Listen To Flume’s Top 10 Tracks Of 2016

Without question, Flume is one of the more brilliant minds in modern electronic music production. Apart from inspiring countless waves of innovation, he’s also one of the first to take notice of talent that take their own risks in exploring uncharted territory. To cap an eventful 2016, Flume has compiled a list of what he believes to be the top 10 tracks of the year. A shout-out to PC Music’s A.G. Cook makes the grade, and he goes on to acknowledge the experiments of Anohni, Andy Stott, Ngaiire, and throws some big hype out for his experience with Bonzai. “This year I was lucky enough to tour through Europe with Bonzai on support. There’s something really fresh about the rhythm in this track. I cant wait to hear what she does next!” 1. Bonzai – Bodhrán 2. Ngaiire – Diggin 3. Tourist – Run 4. Isaac Tichauer – Higher Level (Bicep Remix) 5. A. G. Cook – Superstar 6. Charlie XCX – Vroom Vroom 7. Andy Stott – Butterflies 8. Clams Casino – All Nite Feat. Vince Staples 9. The XX – On Hold 10. Anohni – Drone Bomb Me H/T Dancing Astronaut, Triple J This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Listen To Flume’s Top 10 Tracks Of 2016

Number Of Ecstasy-Related Deaths In The UK At Highest Level In 10 Years

This past weekend we published an article concerning the difference between ecstasy and molly found in the US and Europe. Overwhelmingly, experts found that ecstasy in the US was more adulterated and less pure than similar pills and capsules in Europe. Unfortunately, that hasn’t prevented the UK from experiencing the highest level of ecstasy-related deaths in the past 10 years. ITV reports that there has been a 600% increase in the UK in the last 5 years (Office for National Statistics). While ecstasy in Europe seems to be objectively more pure than its counterpart in the US, the underlying problem is that pills are becoming stronger at the same time. One pill now might contain a relatively higher dose of MDMA than another pill did a year ago. Dr Simon Brandt at Liverpool John Moores University, who tests ecstasy pills, says that dosages have increased two to three times in the past ten years. The average dose then was 80-120mg and those taking substances now, possibly for the first time, might not be prepared for the effects. Testing kits, while effective at identifying adulterants in pills and powders, are not able to detect dosages, so it’s still important to only buy from trusted sources if you do at all. You can purchase a testing kit here. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Number Of Ecstasy-Related Deaths In The UK At Highest Level In 10 Years

Steve Angello Countersuing Nanny For Wrongful Termination, Claims She Was Drinking On The Job

Good nannies are hard to come by, so I hear. And this may be the reason why many parents are concerned about what nannies they hire. It has been reported that Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello is being sued for wrongfully terminating his nanny. The nanny has drawn up these charges claiming Angello failed to pay overtime and failed to keep in line with the contract they had established. The nanny moved from L.A. to Sweden to begin caring for the kids for a salary of $50,000 a year. Sounds like a good deal. She was under the assumption that her hours would remain the same after the move, but claims Angello worked her like “human chattel” for 24 hours a day with no overtime while living in a hotel room she had to share with Angello’s two daughters. This is what prompted the nanny to complain to Angello, which she claimed caused Angello to fire her. Angello is calling BS on the accusations and countersuing, stating that the nanny was in fact drinking while providing supervision to the children. These don’t appear to be false accusations, either, as Angello has provided debit card statements from the nanny showing charges at the bar for three consecutive days during the times she was supposed to be watching the kids. Check back with us as we find out more details. via tv3 Photo by Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Steve Angello Countersuing Nanny For Wrongful Termination, Claims She Was Drinking On The Job

Spotify’s New Partnership Will Put A Virtual Jukebox In Your Favorite Establishment

This week, Spotify is announcing a massive partnership with background music extraordinaire Nightlife Music to create an app which allows users to listen to their favorite songs in restaurants, bars, gyms, casinos, pubs and even on cruise ships. The app is aptly titled crowdDJ, and its current beta phase is the result of five years and $10 million of research and development. Think of it like a fully integrated jukebox that can pull from Spotify’s catalog of over 30 million songs. Venues can construct their own playlists, and users visiting the establishment will then be able to make selections from their Spotify account. Since its rollout in 250 Anytime Fitness franchises, the app has been used to select around 600,000 tracks each month, totalling near four million selections since its release. Nightlife Music is currently the country’s premiere playlist curator for over 5000 venues around the country. Combined with Spotify’s user base of 100 million, the streaming giant taking advantage of this opportunity to grow a relationship with commercial venues. Here’s what Spotify’s head of Business Development Asia-Pacific, Michael Richardson, has to say about the new project. “We have an open-platform API to encourage innovators like these guys to change the way people interact with music. Nowhere else in the world can people choose their own music in a venue by connecting through their Spotify account. And if they like what they hear, they can take the playlist home with them. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of our collaboration with these guys.” Source: AFR This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Spotify’s New Partnership Will Put A Virtual Jukebox In Your Favorite Establishment

Adiidas – We Won’t Keep Silent [Free Download]

“Keep it simple.” You’ve probably heard that a million times throughout your schooling career. Well, it’s artists like Adiidas who heeded the advice and showcased it in their art. “We Won’t Keep Silent” is the newest trap heater from the 25-year-old California-based producer, Adiidas. Beginning with some ambient tribal drums, claps and a riser synth, anticipation quickly sets in. The squelchy synth found throughout the track is introduced, proceeded by a huge sub. Distorted, pitched and god knows what other effects were added to the vocals to create another rhythmic element that pushes the track forward. This track will definitely pop off at clubs. Check it out below: This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Adiidas – We Won’t Keep Silent [Free Download]

Giraffe Squad feat. Christy Million – Breaking Up

I’ve had an eye on Giraffe Squad for a while now, waiting for the right time to finally cover a track of his. And it seems obvious to me now that waiting for “Breaking Up” with Christy Million was the right move. Debuting today on Spotify along with a music video, “Breaking Up” is that mainstage house anthem you wish for with all of the emotion and intensity and makes ravers weep and bros fist pump and everything else. While there’s nothing that truly separates this track from the bevy of other mainstage house tracks trying to break through as next summer’s big hit, its quality is undeniable. Listen to “Breaking Up” on Spotify below, and check out the music video while you’re at it. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Giraffe Squad feat. Christy Million – Breaking Up