In the ever-evolving world of electronic dance music, it’s always exciting to see artists pushing the boundaries of established genres. That’s exactly what rising producer Shizz Lo has done with his latest release, “Go Back” [Shizz Lo Sploinky Flip]. It is a high-energy collaboration between house heavyweight John Summit and drum & bass legend Sub Focus..

From the moment the track kicks in, it’s evident that SHIZZ LO has put his unique spin on the original, transforming it into a sonic rollercoaster that will have listeners craving the “sploinky” goodness. The producer’s signature sound shines through, with the track’s punchy basslines and intricate percussion creating a mesmerizing soundscape that demands attention.

The production is nothing short of masterful, as Shizz Lo seamlessly blends elements of dubstep, glitch, and sound design wizardry. One moment the track is all big, bold bass drops, the next it’s collapsing in on itself in a wash of distortion and fragmented rhythms. But through it all, there’s a cohesive vision that ties the whole thing together

this is the kind of remix that makes us excited for the future of dubstep. Shizz Lo is clearly operating on a whole other level, taking the core ingredients of the genre and twisting them into something totally unique and fresh. If this is the kind of stuff he’s capable of, we can’t wait to hear what else he’s got up his sleeve.


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