Lorna James is back with her newest Deep, Melodic House production, ‘Something We’re Not Seeing’. Having been building momentum, dropping her debut album ‘Stratosphere’ earlier this year and continuing to grow her catalogue as she adds more and more hard-hitting tracks, Lorna James maintains a commitment towards her artistic evolution, driving her creativity to new territories as she explores innovative sounds and experiments with fresh styles. Appearing unstoppably motivated, making strides as she keeps paving her way within Electronic Music, Lorna James returns to once again deliver a unique-sounding track, spotlighting her signature sound as she offers ‘Something We’re Not Seeing’ to listeners worldwide.  

Approaching her production of Electronic Music from a background in Classical Music, Lorna James blends in a myriad of creative influences within her work, designing a sonic identity that appears as a powerful symbol of her experiences, inspirations, and artistic motivations. As she showcases the expansive range of her skillset, leaning on her musical knowledge and abilities, Lorna James keeps establishing herself on the scene, capturing attention as she puts forward compelling music time and time again. With a musical journey punctuated by exciting moments, including her recent milestone of becoming one of the top three finalists of the UK Songwriting Competition 2023 in the EDM category, Lorna James appears on a trajectory that remains promising, cementing herself as a talent to take note of as she continues climbing the list of creators on the scene today.   

With ‘Something We’re Not Seeing’ Lorna James presents a soundscape considered in construction, weaving dynamic layers of bold details to create a tapestry of energy and sonic intensity. As the thumping beat brings punchy vibes from the get-go, the driving low-end, powerful arpeggiators and bold leads soon enter to guide the listening experience. Then, a captivating vocal line and wordless vocal pads join to add impact to the listening journey, elevating the sonic power of ‘Something We’re Not Seeing’ even further. With the track moving forward, the arrival of the breakdown brings a moving piano line and pulsing bass, creating a refreshing sound as the layered risers lead towards the drop. A production infused with her original signature style, incorporating her characteristic piano compositions, ‘Something We’re Not Seeing’ appears as the ideal listen to delve deeper into Lorna James’ musical individuality and explore her sonic world further. 

As she sustains her artistic dedication and creative originality, Lorna James remains a talent to keep on your radar, so stay tuned and follow her across social media to not miss out on any of her upcoming releases and projects. ‘Something We’re Not Seeing’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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